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The Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Calorie Customization Worksheet

How Much Should You Eat?

It's easy to figure out your calorie requirements with the new Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle calorie customization worksheet, which you can download below.

These calorie guidelines are customized just for you (when it comes to calories, you can't follow someone else's plan - what's perfect for them might be too much, or too little for you!)

The exact calculations and equations are included for your reference, or if you hate math, you don't have to do any! Just use the "average range" or "quick method" for an instant estimate that will put you right in the ballpark.

Download your Burn the Fat Meal Calorie Customization Worksheet here:


Additional reading:

For more information - EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about calories - read (or re-read) chapter 7 in Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle.

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