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Fat-Burning, Muscle-Building Meals Made Easy
(The EZ 123 Meal Creation Method)

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By Tom Venuto

It's EASY is to make fat-burning, muscle-building meal plans.

And yet ironically, meal planning is the one skill most people are lacking and it's the one area of fat-burning and muscle-building nutrition that most people are confused about, or at a total loss for ideas.

If that describes you, then stop making it so complicated by using complicated systems! There is an easier way!

And don't be a macronutrient micromanager! It's not about hitting an exact percentage point of carbs or fat.

I do believe in and teach nutrition by the numbers (creating meal plans with calories and macronutrients calculated), but if you use the 1-2-3 EZ meal creation formula I explain below, your numbers will already be in the ballpark!

This 1-2-3 meal creator formula comes from the body-building style of nutrition. This is the nutrition formula my body building mentors taught me more than 25 years ago and it still works today.

Here's how simple it is:

The EZ 1-2-3 meal creation formula:

There are 3 parts to a fat-burning or muscle-building meal in the body-building nutrition tradition...

1. Protein (of first importance)
2. Fibrous carb (or fruit)
3. Starchy carb

That's it! Putting a meal together is that simple.

All you need to know is what is a lean protein, what is a fibrous carb and what is a starchy carb - those are the three food groups that are the foundation of the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle nutrition system.

Here's an example of a Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Meal (Bodybuilding-Style Nutrition) with the individual foods plugged in:

Lunch or dinner EZ 1-2-3 meal examples:

1. Lean beef / steak (protein)
2. Broccoli (fibrous carb)
3. Brown rice (starchy carb)

1. Chicken breast (protein)
2. Spinach (fibrous carb)
3. Sweet Potato (starchy carb)

Was that hard? Not at all, was it? It really is, literally, as easy as one-two-three to create meals that burn fat and build muscle.

And let me give you one more example, this time with traditional breakfast foods:

Breakfast EZ 1-2-3 meal example:

1. Scrambled eggs (protein)
2. Banana (fruit)
3. Oatmeal (starchy carb)

What about dairy products? What about fat? Dairy products are optional (many people are lactose intolerant so they can't consume dairy, but include them if you choose).

There is fat inherent in proteins (meat, eggs, etc) with small amounts in some of the carb foods, and you can simply add in one or two servings of healthy fats or oils throughout the day.

Next: Nutrition By The Numbers

The number crunching that comes next after you pick your three foods is not hard either. All you have to do is hit, in order of priority, the following nutrition targets:

1. Calories for the day
2. Protein in grams for the day
3. Fat and carbs with the calories you have remaining

(Then manipulate your starchy carb amount based on your goals, body type, activity level or training intensity and your personal preference)

Now, here is the real beauty of this meal planning system, and it makes this work whether you choose to follow or identify yourself with low carb, high carb, paleo, bodybuilding/fitness diet or anywhere in between...

For muscle gain or for the average metabolically healthy person for fat loss, you don't change anything - you just eat that 1-2-3 meal as I listed above, with your portion sizes adjusted for your calorie needs.

For maximizing fat loss and or if you are the carb intolerant body type, you cut the starchy carb portion in half (but don't touch the protein or fibrous carb!)

For getting shredded or very strict dieting (such as competition prep), or if you are highly carb intolerant, or if for some other reason you prefer lower carb nutrition, you cut the starchy carb completely - (and again, DON'T drop that protein or that fiber / fibrous carbs... in fact, you may want to increase the healthy fat a bit, or increase the fibrous carb portion).

And there you have it. I've just given you, in a few paragraphs, the simplified version of the most powerful muscle building and fat burning nutrition template in existence.

This is the most flexible meal planning template too because it's so easily adapted from baseline nutrition all the way to contest prep-level nutrition, plus YOU get to choose which foods to plug in.

I've been using and teaching this system for more than 30 years, and I'm telling you, no matter what new diets have come down the pike, this system still works, it always has and it always will.

Optimizing and Customizing

To make this work even better, to customize it and make it the most enjoyable, all you have to do is continue to increase your familiarity with these three things:

  • Lists of foods (lean proteins, fibrous carbs, starchy carbs)
  • Your body type and what your OWN body tells you
  • Recipes (with herbs, spices, marinades or other seasonings), so your meals within this template taste great.

The basic 1-2-3 meal creation formula is simple, and you can stay with simple meals if you like. But you can and should enjoy your food. Choose the proteins, starchy carbs and fibrous carbs you like and THEN, once you've got the hang of it, begin to experiment with more complex recipes that have multiple ingredients.

It's a myth that bodybuilding or fat burning meals have to be tasteless and bland or that bodybuilding meal plans are impossible to follow.

It's really quite easy, and enjoyable, once you know how. I'll never stop eating like this.

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Train hard and expect success!

Tom Venuto,
Author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM)
Author of BFFM Guide To Flexible Meal Planning For Fat Loss

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